• Byron Pástor Viteri

    Byron Pástor Viteri

  • Arturo González

    Arturo González

    Software Developer & IT Consultant // The world is changing so fast and in many ways! we can only adapt and be part of change …

  • Geovajaramillo


  • Carlos A. De Smedt

    Carlos A. De Smedt

    Ciudadano Empoderado más en www.wikicarlos.com y @wikicarlos

  • Eduardo Arcentales

    Eduardo Arcentales

    Cuencano de nacimiento y corazón...Continuous learning in Agile, XP, Management, Software Development and many others...amante de mi familia

  • ThoughtWorks Brasil

    ThoughtWorks Brasil

    Nossas ideias e opiniões sobre tecnologia, inovação, justiça social e muito mais! www.thoughtworks.com

  • Miguel Mora

    Miguel Mora

    human being… trying to code… trying to change the world

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